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Corona: Pak PM Imran Khan ban   complete lock down , urges people to self-quarntine

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A total nationwide lockdown have been closed out out by Pakistan Prime minister Imran Khan on Sunday saying that it will create chaos among people and urged them to go self-quarantine to curb the spread of pandemic Corona, which is so far  claimed that four lives and infected 750 people in the country.


Addressing the nation as cases  of the novel coronavirus  , Khan reiterated that a lockdown will create chaos as more than 25 per cent people were living below poverty line and their lives will be shattered.

He said the situation in Pakistan does not call for a lockdown yet.”Let me first tell you what a complete lockdown is. It means imposing a curfew and locking people in their homes,” said Khan.

We cannot afford complete lockdown as it will create massive unrest, he said, adding that the situation in the country is not as bad as in Italy or France.

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