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WWE wrestlemania 36 : Boneyyard Match and Bouts that exceeded expectations : watch video

Wrestlemania  was an  event unlike any other in the long and successful history of the WWE show, but even without fans in attendance, much of the card managed to deliver entertainment to the fans watching at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

On the heels of the first WrestleMania that was too big for just one night, here is a closer look at three of the matches that exceeded expectations and received rave reviews during the aftermath.



The Undertaker hasn’t been known for putting on five-star matches in recent years, and at 55 years of age, he would’ve been hard-pressed to do so at WrestleMania 36 even against an elite in-ring worker like AJ Styles.

Rather than going forward with a basic match, however, WWE booked The Undertaker and Styles in a Boneyard Match, which became possible because of the lack of a live crowd.

The Boneyard Match was everything WWE fans could have hoped for and more, as The Phenom and The Phenomenal One battled through a cemetery. They got physical and talked trash all while a fitting musical score played in the background.

Taker and Styles were engaged in a highly personal rivalry due to Styles bringing up The Undertaker’s wife, Michelle McCool, on multiple occasions during the build to WrestleMania. It was clear during the match that it was a source of great anger for The Deadman.

It was clear from the start of the Boneyard Match that it was going to be something special. Styles emerging from a casket was the perfect heel entrance, and The Undertaker arriving on a motorcycle like his old American Badass character was a great callback for longtime fans.

The Boneyard Match fell more like a movie than a match, which is likely why it was so widely praised as perhaps the best part of WrestleMania.

While The Undertaker may be near the end of his illustrious career, it was proved at WrestleMania that his career could potentially be extended even further if WWE continues to put him in similar situations moving forward.

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