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Vivekananda is viral; But the movie did not go viral

Vivekanandan is viral film has gone viral in the context of social media. Story and direction by Kamal. The movie doesn’t deserve any innovation in particular. Though the thread of the story is contemporary, the flow of the story is quite improbable. In particular, no sense of justice can be claimed. From the beginning to the end, the film does not give any emotion. The motivating factor is that even if it is the husband without the woman’s permission, she can oppose it and take any decision fundamentally.

The plot revolves around the story of a married government official who is respectable at home and at work and goes viral on social media by three women. Out of the three women, his own wife and another woman living together are addicted to his Rati perversions. Another woman is a vlogger who brings the two women’s lives to social media. She is the friend of the woman who is living together.

The methods he has found to get his antics on social media are unrealistic.

The manner in which the three women expertly tied him to a chair and bed in his own home, plastered his mouth and bound him with cloth, was not fair. The fact that these events are broadcast live on social media and go viral has to be judged as a story for the sake of the story.
The police and the government are just eyeballs in this matter.

Shine Tom Chacko is playing the role of a government official.
The only good thing about this movie is that the actors have done justice to the characters.

The screenplay, songs, and music don’t look particularly good.
It can be described as a film that has been made in dud only.

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