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Media should avoid reports and news that cause religious rivalry; The central government has given guidance

Ahead of the Ayodhya Ram temple consecration ceremony, the Center has issued a warning to stop messages inciting religious rivalry. The Center has announced that strict action will be taken against fake news. Opposition leaders who are absent from the consecration ceremony will visit temples in various states. The Delhi government has also declared a holiday till 2:30 on Monday.

As the preparations for the Ayodhya Ram Temple consecration move towards the final stage, Sangh Parivar organizations are gearing up for the celebrations across the country. Organizations are preparing to pray at temples across the country when the dedication ceremony takes place. BJP and Vishwa Hindu Parishad are distributing flags with Jaishreeram written on them in many places in houses and businesses. A symbolic lock and key weighing 400 kg prepared by merchants of Aligarh was delivered to Ayodhya. Twelve NDA-ruled states, the Chandigarh administration and Biju Janata Dal-ruled Odisha declared a holiday on Monday. The Arvind Kejriwal government in Delhi has also declared a holiday till 2.30 pm.

Social media will be monitored by the government. Various states have been alerted in this regard. Three tier security measures have been prepared in Ayodhya. Five thousand men, including commandos, were deployed around the temple alone. The police informed that the three persons who were detained from Ayodhya yesterday have links with some terrorist groups.

The move of the opposition leaders is to visit spiritual centers in various states when the consecration ceremony takes place. Rahul Gandhi will visit Assam’s spiritual leader Sri Sri Shankardevi’s birthplace. Uddhav Thackeray will visit Kalaram Kshetam in Nashik and Mamata Banerjee will visit Kalighat in Kolkata. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is preparing to counter BJP’s moves by organizing Ramlila.

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