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China congrats Ghani on re-election as Afghan president

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China  sharing neighbourhood with India congratulated Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani on his re-election and called on all parties to add the reconstruction and peace process in the war- torn country. President Ghani and his opposition leader Abdullah Abdullah   were both conducted ceremonies on Monday and sworn in as President. Ghani was declared as the winner of the president election in September, but Abdulla rejected the vote and held a parallel swearing ceremony grounded by hundreads of supporters on Monday.The drama opened in Kabool after the US began withdrawal of the troops from Afghan territory as part of the US- Taliban peace agreement signed between America and Taliban in Doha on Feb 29.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng shuang told a media briefing here that China congratulate Ghani’s  re-election , in a clear backing of  the incumbent president from Beijing.

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