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”We all together Beat Donald Trump” ; Biden reaches out to Bernie Sanders After dealing with Michigan blow

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Joe Biden who has seized control of Democratic nomination  race Tuesday with huge primary wins in Michigen and other states of U.S.A points a crushing  edge over leflist Bernie Sanders in the contest to battle over Donald Trump.  Addressing his supporters in Philadelphia  as his triumph got shape. Biden declared on U.S national television that “he will come back for the soul of this nation”. Then he went to supporters of his sometimes bitter rival sanders , telling them “ we are sharing a common goal”. Together we’ll defeat president Trump”.  Hours earlier, US networks projects a huge victory in Mississippi for Biden, reflecting his gruesome popularity among strategically vital African American voters. Then came Missouri.  Then, bigger and   biggest of all,  Michigan — one of the industrial Midwestern giants due to be a key battleground in the general election.

Three more states were counting votes — Washington, Idaho and North Dakota — but the victory of former president Barack Obama’s vice president was secure.

Expecting major surprises, Now  Biden eyes a clear path to becoming the Democrats’ candidate in the contusing and deeply divisive November polls.

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