Folks of America rush to the shop to stock up on essentials amid Coronavirus spread


American shopaholics stood in long long lines outside grocery stores on Monday, waited to get inside to buy essentials like paper towels, bottled water, as a worsening coronovirus crisis stoked fears of shortages all over the United states.  The long run on certain goods prompted some retailers to enforce the purchase limits as a way to  assure that store shelves were not been stripped bare.  Still, worried shoppers cleared out grocery and drug store shelves from Hosuton to Los Angeles as the virus spread and the death toll move to 41.

Big business houses including have urged their employees to work home, while schools , universities and cultural institutions are shut down across the country, Marlene Russel 69, a retired school guidance counselor from New jersy, used an anti- bacterial cloth to wipe down the handle of her shopping cart after packing her groceries in to her at Wegmans in Hanover, New Jersey.  Her husband Gary Russel 77, a retired businessman said that he had stocked up on wine, cheese and fruit to entertain friends who were travelled to New York from Florida for Big East basketball tournament, only to learn their arrival for the event was postponed due to the out break of corona virus.


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