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Rockets rap Iraq base hosting foreign troops: Military

A pair of rockets were hit an Iraqi base hosting US- led coalition and NATO troop’s  Iraq’s military said on Tuesday. It is said to be the third attack on installations hosting foreign sources inside a week. The rockets had slammed in to the Besmaya base south of Baghdad late Monday night , a statement cast out by the military said , having no mention of casualties.  Spanish forces linked to the US-led coalition fighting against the Islamic state group , as well as NATO training forces , are present in Besmaya.   Last week has seen a renewed spike in rockets hitting Iraqi bases hosting foreign forces, with three coalition troops killed on March 11. Another attack on the Taji  Airbase,   which was hit again on March 14.  Since late October, it has been reported that there have been  conducted  24  rocket attacks on the US embassy in Bagdad killed three American military personnel, one British soldier and one Iraqi soldier too.  No attacks having been claimed but Washington has blaming Kataeb Hezboolaj ,  a hardline faction in the Hasheed al-shaabi – a military network been incorporated in to the Iraqi state.  The US has long insisted Baghdad should do more to pre dominate such factions and  prevent them away from targeting American troops as well as diplomats.


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