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Corona deaths ; Italy over take china as economic damage increases

The world’s richest nation which sheds unprecedented aid into the global economy on Thursday as Corona infected cases are ballooned in Europe, number of deaths reported in Italy had outstripping the China , where the virus was originated. Over 242,000 infections and nearly 1000 deaths, the pandemic has stunned the whole world drawn comparisons with painful periods went through such as the period of World war Two, the 2008 financial crisis, and the 1918 Spanish flu.  This is a moment which demands us to coordinate, decisive, and innovative policy action taken from the world leading economies,” UN chief Antonio  Gutters told Reporters via video conference. “ We are go through with an unprecedented situation and the normal rules have no longer apply.” Tourism and airlines have been battered , as the world’s citizen hunker down to minimize contact and curb the spreading of highly contagious Covid 19 respiratory illness.

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