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Man having Corona symptoms escapes from hospital, results of suspected 24 to be obtained today

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A man who came to Pala General Hospital having with the symptoms of Coronvirus fled from the hospital’ No’ waiting for the treatment. A native of Kumily who reached from Saudi Arabia escaped from the hospital without informing the authorities. The man  who entered the casualty with cold and cough Thursday night at 11 pm.  After he was shifted to the observation department of the hospital for more tests included lab test as he had symptoms of corona.

However, the medical officer has  said that he fled from the hospital before conducting the tests.

His wife also   had accompanied him to the hospital. He told hospital authorities that he has been sought treatment at Kumily primary health centre and was referred to Kottayam medical college hospital for better treatment and more tests. When he feels fatigue  he reached Pala General Hospital on his way to Kottayam. It is doubtful that the address given by the patient  is correct or not. Police is probing about him following the directive of the collector.Meantime, 14 have been confirmed of the virus in the state.

The test results of 24 people including a two-year-old munchkin will be obtained today. The authorities of the health department are trying to find those who came in contact with the infected.

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