Nirbhaya rapits widow asks for Divorce:  A new game plan to make delay execution


Akshay Thakur wife , Punteetha Devi  a strong supporter of her huband’s innocence had filed a petition seeking divorce before the execution fixed this week. This is considered to be an unprecedented move to help her husband from the walk of gallows.

In her petition , Puneetha Devi pleads she does n’t want the tagline of widow of a rapist.

Her advocate Mukesh Kumar Singh filed the plea based on a provision in the law that a woman can seek divorce on the ground of her husband being charged with  sexual offense.

The divorce petition would further delay the execution of 4 Convicts- each resorting to every possible way to get an inch of their life extended. The matter is also  referred to the international court of justice as well.


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