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CM arrogance visible in Kerala politics says V Muraleedharan ; he should take decision collectively else alone

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The Union cabinet Minister V Muralidharan on Friday said kerala CM Pinarayi vijayan should take immediate steps to the evacuation of outside keralites from the Middle East. Muralidharan, the Union Minister of state for External Affairs and presently a Rajya sabha member from Maharashtra was responding to pinarayi’s remarks made on Thursday. Pinarayi made criticisms that Muraleedharan has got some problems and,   he is unaware of what happens at   centre . He is also an alien at central ministry.  Reacting to it , he makes a comment that Pinarayi should say like this , because in kerala single rule is happening and every decision is taken by the CM itself and he clear out other ministers from the platform for not  doing their roles . But in Delhi , it’s not like this that as every department is looked after by the concerned ministers. Muraleedharan blamed Pinarayi for not abiding by the central gudlines.  “ We  are ready to bring  all the outside Keralites who wish to flew back from the Middle East.

Here the problem is , it seems that Kerala , which speaks about having set aside 1.35 lakh rooms for isolation, which are not there. This was evident when people who reached on the naval ship from Maldives as they were running from somewhere, “  added   Muraleedharan.

“ If  Pinarayi claims he has many rooms in his custody, then why should he is not adhering to the central guidelines of putting all of them in 14 days institutional isolation. He says kerala is going through a week ‘s isolation and then they will send back them in to their homes and the rest of the days they put in home isolation said former State BJP president. “

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