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Indo-Pak  nuclear war  will lead to global starvation: study report

Limited Nuclear war between India and Pakistan may lead to global starvation because of famine , unmatched in modern history , eclipsing every historic drought and volcanic  eruptions  says a new study released on Monday.  The research was conducted by 19 scientists in Europe and US suggested that the climate and crop impacts of such nuclear exchange would be led to unprecedented food shortages affecting at least 71 countries. This should happen due to the amass release of amount of soot- was created by fireballs caused by nuclear explosions. It would block the sun, heralding an unforeseen winter that would affect the global temperature turn to drop by 1.8 degrees Celsius in the first five years.  For decades , researchers were worried about the possibility of limited nuclear war between India and Pakistan and its after effects. While its impact on climate change was evaluated,   this is the first effort to understand what would happen to global food production.

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