Meet the new Internet sensation Isabella Kaif ; sister of actress Katrina


In an interview Bollywood gorgeous Bimbo Katrina Kaif quipped that her sister Isabella began her career with English movies. Because she feels happy in English.   However, this might be her personal decision to come back and  to not Bollywood. She may be very talented and assured, he will get work on his personal. Isabel has already proven expertise with the movie Direct by Steven Roy Thomas.  The title of this fast movie was ‘ Coming home’. As per the getting information, Isabel has additionally worked as an assistant director with in  the  movie ‘Sumam-Bonam in 2014.  In an interview, Isabel had stated that she considers her sister Bollywood ‘ Dreamer’s dreamer’ , hot sensation Katrina Kaif an inspiration.  Except Katrina she has 6 siblings.


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